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4 Companies That Nail Their Employer Brand

Making sure that your Employer Brand is on point is half the battle when trying to attract top talent. Here are 4 companies who are nailing theirs.

1. Voxpro


Voxpro supply multilingual tech support and bespoke customer experience solutions. They were founded in Cork and now have offices all over the world. They work with the biggest of the big tech names like AirBnB, Redbubble and Google Cloud.

What Makes Their Employer Brand So Great?

Being pigeon holed as a call centre can more often than not be a deterrent to potential candidates. But Voxpro have really managed to shake that perception and ensure they are seen primarily as passionate and dedicated techies, who support their clients and tailor services to their needs.

Voxpro’s self-produced content features current employees who very willingly get involved in the creation and clearly have a blast doing it. Even the CEO rolls up his sleeves and gets involved in these fun videos; a nice preview of the management style you could be working for.

In addition, they have music festivals for summer parties, host internal awards ceremonies, produce podcasts, maintain chicken coops (yes, you read that right), build Pleasure Domes and so much more. All of which is pushed out strongly and consistently from their Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

When it comes to maintaining a strong employer brand in a world full of Facebooks and Googles, Voxpro have really held their own on the tech scene.

Check Out…

Their Voxpro-produced short film ‘Game of Phones’. Check it out here.

2. Salesforce


Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Manager and enterprise cloud system. It helps businesses grow and develop efficiently across sales systems, marketing, service and more. It was established in 1999 and since then have exploded into nearly 50 locations spread across the globe, including two locations in Dublin, Ireland.

What Makes Their Employer Brand So Great?

Salesforce is currently no. 1 on the Great Place to Work list (World’s Best Workplaces 2017) and you rarely see them off that top spot.

It refers to itself as The Salesforce Ohana, the Hawaiian term for “family”. The culture is built on its many core values that include trust, growth, fun and innovation. There is a strong sense of responsibility to the world, and CEO Marc Benioff drives this belief and says that “business of business is improving the state of the world”.

One of the strongest core values is Giving Back, where it pledges 1% of product, founding equity and employee time. Employees are given 7 days off a year (paid) to volunteer, matching contribution programmes and a chance to be awarded with $10K for a non-profit of their choice.

Check Out…

Salesforce run an annual event called Dreamforce – a huge tech conference that runs over a few days in San Francisco. 

3. Facebook


In addition to having the allure of being one of the top tech brands in the world, Facebook currently holds the title of number 1 tech company to work for, and number 2 overall, according to Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2017 – Employees’ Choice. Facebook has over 70 locations worldwide, including two in Ireland; Dublin and Cork.

What Makes Their Employer Brand So Great?

A huge draw for any prospective employee looking to jump on the juggernaut that is Facebook, are its benefits. They offer health insurance (not only for you but your family too), generous pension schemes and life assurance, paternity cover, transport support and of course, those legendary free meals and snacks. Employees are more than ever looking for so much more than a competitive salary. Not only are these great attributes to becoming a Facebook employee, but they allow prospective candidates to picture themselves at a company long-term.

Check Out…

The Facebook Community page, to see all the different groups employees can get involved in.

4. Iconic Offices


Iconic Offices is the new kid on the block. It was founded in 2013 by Joe McGinely who had a vision to create not only super-stylish work spaces but a sense of community too. The offices are high quality, yet affordable with most packages offering services such as showers, refreshments, meeting rooms, lockers, coffee on tap, kitchen access and a whole lot more.

What Makes Their Employer Brand So Great?

What makes this company unique from an Employer Brand perspective? Attitude. If you head over to their Instagram page, there’s two things that immediately catch the eye; colour and employees having a blast. This place seems to be all about style and culture. The office dog Jackson seems to get a lot of air time (zero complaints from yours truly), their buildings and HQ are decorated with colourful motifs, odes to great rappers and inspirational quotes a-plenty to keep you motivated.

All Glassdoor reviews rave about the incredible spaces they get to work in and how they actually enjoy coming to work in such slick office spaces – which is good seeing as positive workspaces have been proven to motivate employees and increase productivity. Employees really get behind the innovation that goes into each space at Iconic and you can see how enthusiastic and inspired they are. So if design, culture and innovation are your bag – check these guys out.

How strong is your Employer Brand?

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