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7 Employer Branding Videos That Stand Out and Why

Debating whether video should play a part in your employer branding strategy in 2019? Try these stats on for size: 92% of internet users worldwide watch videos each month, according to a GlobalWebIndex report, while Cisco says that videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. Not to mention, countless studies suggest that people prefer to see and hear content than read it.

So basically, video content is king. But spend even five minutes researching employer brand videos and it quickly becomes clear that they’re all the same — something that freelance marketplace Fiverr has poked fun at:

1. Zendesk

What we like about it: Customer service and engagement platform Zendesk takes a ‘show, don’t tell’ approach to highlight what life is like at its EMEA headquarters in Dublin. 

What you can take from it: Rather than relying on awkward employee testimonials or overly stylised shots of people hard at work around the office, potential candidates will appreciate the sincerity and authenticity of ordinary, everyday activities.

2. New Zealand Police

What we like about it: Law enforcement is serious business. But New Zealand Police combined the country’s cheeky sense of humour with over 70 cops from a range of ethnic backgrounds to show the diversity of its people and its roles.

What you can take from it: There’s a reason that people say ‘laughter is the best medicine.’ No matter what industry you’re in, don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s always room for humour, especially when you’re trying to attract and recruit talent. 

3. Adidas

What we like about it: It’s not often that big brands put as much effort into a recruitment video as their product marketing, but that’s exactly what sports giant Adidas did with its #HeretoCreate campaign. This video, featuring a Senior Director of UX Design talking about the power of focus, could easily be an advertisement for its boxing goods.

What you can take from it: Employer brand videos don’t need to be long (this Adidas one is 45 seconds) but they do need as much attention as the products or services that you sell, particularly when hiring for creative roles. A plain old piece-to-camera just won’t cut it. 

4. Dropbox

What we like about it: Over 250 people work in the Dropbox Dublin office, many of whom have moved here from all over the world. Because food is something we all have in common, five Dropboxers discussed their backgrounds, passions and personal experiences over favourite dishes from their home countries. 

What you can take from it: Candidates can see right through a company that’s simply ticking a box when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and the typical employee testimonial can feel a little forced. Asking team members to interview each other about how they ended up at your company is a great way to showcase the diversity of your staff as well as your culture. 

5. SodaStream

What we like about it: SodaStream manages to drive home the fact that it’s helping to save the planet from plastic waste while not taking itself too seriously, even making light of its legal battles against the likes of Coca-Cola. It also includes a cameo by Thor Bjornsson who played “The Mountain” on Game of Thrones.

What you can take from it: You can be a purpose-led company without sounding pretentious. Not every company can afford to feature Hollywood actors, but if you want to put your values and mission front and centre in a way that connects with candidates, the best place to start is with your own people.

6. Volvo

What we like about it: Titled “Made by People,” this recruitment video by Volvo focuses as much on the morning routines of its employees as it does on their work. Great minds don’t think alike, as the car manufacturer says, pointing out that it takes a diverse group of people to create innovative cars.  

What you can take from it: Employees are human beings, not resources. Instead of the standard day-in-the-life that emphasises what employees do at work, take a wider view that includes their lives outside the office. 

7. Animal Humane Society

What we like about it: As one of the USA’s leading animal welfare organisations, Animal Human Society is transforming the way shelters care for animals and engage with their communities — and it does so with the help of more than 350 employees and over 2,500 volunteers. This video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the work they do, from cleaning cages to surgeries to adoptions. 

What you can take from it: Just because your workplace doesn’t revolve around animals doesn’t mean you can’t take a leaf out of the AHS playbook. Working at an animal shelter involves a lot more than playing with puppies and kittens and this video doesn’t shy away from the messy stuff. Show candidates what a typical day at your company is really like — they’ll appreciate the honesty.