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Becoming a Great Place to Work
is not the finish line.

What next?

Congratulations on being certified. You’ve done the leg work. You’ve got the badge. Now you can officially say you’re a great place to work. This is a testament to your organisation’s commitment to creating a supportive and positive work environment.

Far from the finish line, however, this achievement is only the beginning. Your certification as a Great Place to Work marks the start of a journey to improve employee engagement, retention, and talent attraction – not the end goal.

A lot of HR Leaders wonder what they do next, once the dust has settled on the PR and the logo is proudly sitting on your website. To truly maximise the opportunity and value of the work you’ve done already and the accolade you’ve achieved, we believe there are some areas worth exploring.

Renewing your employee value proposition

What to do with all that data? You’ve met the criteria set, gone through internal engagement surveys and analysed the metrics. But how should that influence your current EVP? Could your articulation of the value exchange with employees be fine-tuned, so it not only reflects today’s reality but remains compelling and competitive?

Reviewing your employer brand

Could all that you’ve uncovered about the organisation and its culture be a catalyst for a review of your employer brand? Is the positive internal sentiment echoed externally for talent? Consider how what you’ve learned about your existing employees could help shape your external identity in the marketplace. Beyond incorporating your certification into your brand messaging, is there room for a larger refresh?

Updating your careers page

Your careers page is often the first interaction potential candidates have with your employer brand, making it a critical touchpoint. “It’s so much better here than candidates expect,” is something we hear a lot. Articulating that great culture to an external audience is a great first step. Is there an opportunity to refresh your careers pages and optimise candidate channels? Including testimonials from current employees, communicating your renewed EVP, and showcasing the culture and values can really drive ROI on the magic you’ve uncovered.

Launching an internal comms campaign

Doubling down on positive internal sentiment can really ensure you’re capitalising on the exercise you’ve just completed. If your EVP is aligned with the Great Place to Work metrics, why not celebrate it internally? Never stop selling and shouting about how great a place to work it is. Your retention and engagement metrics will thank you for it. A timely and creative campaign could be just the thing to bolster morale and reinforce your commitment to maintaining a positive work environment. Plus, it might just enthuse your people to share their unique experiences and stories.

Using employees to create authentic content

Finally, (and this might have the most potential of all!) you have an opportunity to harness the power of your employees’ voices to tell your company’s story in the most authentic way possible. Employee-generated content is a great way to add credibility to your employer brand while showcasing the human side of the business. With 42% of candidates seeking video content to get a feel for company culture, this grassroots storytelling has the potential to maximise your talent attraction and retention efforts with relevant, real stories.

The journey doesn't stop at certification

You’ve got the potential to build on your current success and create a really compelling, future-looking People and Talent communications programme that will make the most of your investment so far. Stopping short of the finish line is leaving so much on the table.

At Atomic, we specialise in amplifying employer brands and strengthening EVPs for organisations like yours. We creatively use employee and business insight to help you take the value of your Great Place to Work certification to the next level.

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Photo byAdi Goldstein on Unsplash

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