Atomic Beta Signs with SiriusDecisions.

Atomic Beta are delighted to announce that they have recently signed on as client with leading sales, marketing and product advisory firm SiriusDecisions to further them on their growth path as a world class B2B marketing agency.

Clients use SiriusDecisions’ team of advisors and unique repository of B2B sales, product and marketing best practices, tools and data to help them achieve their growth goals and business priorities. Niall Dowling, Group Strategic Director of Atomic said, “Our relationship with SiriusDecisions gives us the knowledge and support to accelerate our growth. We always endeavour to be in step with our markets and clients and working with SiriusDecisions enables us to keep up to speed with significant trends and developments. Working with them will ensure we deliver on Atomic’s ethos of continuous improvement.”

Megan Heuer, Vice President of Research at SiriusDecisions welcomed Atomic as a client and said, “We look forward to working with Atomic and to advising them on their development in Ireland and beyond.”

Atomic will also host a joint event with SiriusDecisions in Dublin later this year, which will be a must-attend for anyone serious about B2B marketing in Ireland.

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