We can’t wait to see where you’ll take us next.

What we’re all about

As an independently-owned business, we don’t have much interest in job titles or resumes. What we’re looking for are challengers and pioneers; people who aren’t afraid to ask questions or get busy finding answers. Because this isn’t the kind of place where you’ll sit in a corner going through the motions. This is an agency you’ll take part in shaping, day in and day out.

With total disregard for convention, our team reflects the kind of agency we aspire to be – one driven by a diverse group of dreamers who share a collective goal. Because we’re here to be bold, different, and in control of our own destiny. Because we’re here to accomplish something great on every single project, no matter what it takes for us to get there.


What it’s like to do what we do, from the people who do it.

Trevor Daly

T Trevor Daly

Business Director


N Niall Dowling

Group Strategic Director

Ivana Capuder Atomic

I Ivana Capuder

Account Director

Siobháin Rock Atomic

S Siobháin Rock

People Operations Manager

Siobhan Dalton Atomic

S Siobhan Dalton

Account Manager

S Stephen Kiernan

Creative Director

Our Values

There are a few things we rate pretty highly…

At Atomic, our core values reflect everything we believe in. These are our guiding principles. The law of the land. The way we work together as a team, with clients, and within our communities.


We’re constantly learning, researching and building our knowledge.

We share what we learn with colleagues and customers.

We’re always improving our business, our products and our X.

We don’t let our biases dictate our actions. That’s why we build testing with end customers into every stage of our process.


We seek to inspire our clients with what’s possible.

We amplify creativity by collaborating within our teams and with our clients.

We use creativity to inspire end customers to take action.

We don’t limit creativity to just ‘creative’. We know being truly creative also means being innovators and problem solvers.

Passengers fall off the train at Atomic. We need critical thinkers obsessed with quality.


We ask our colleagues, “How can I support you?”

We help our clients achieve their goals by taking the time to understand them.

We show our gratitude for our success by giving back to others.

We always come to the table with an enthusiasm to exceed client expectations and our own.


Work. Play. Learn. Repeat.

  • Taking projects from national to international is our favourite pastime. Not that we’re obsessed with world domination or anything.

  • Everyone has four days a year to dedicate to their non-profit organisation of choice.

  • We fund individual and group professional development courses throughout the year.

  • From sessions on analytics, to illustrators, to Cannes – grabbing a bite while getting the inside track on off-project topics is important for keeping us well-rounded.

  • From sports days to karaoke sessions, and all of them sponsored by trips to our beer fridge, getting our minds off projects ensures we stay in our groove.

Our 4 Pillar Promise

To Belong

Our goal is to build a culture of real connection between our people. It’s important to us that we also all feel connected to our constantly growing business.

To Grow

Being curious is one of our core values and we are quick to reward it. Our promise is to continuously provide opportunities for our people to learn new skills, get promoted and have new personal and professional experiences along the way.

To be recognised

Making sure our people are recognised for doing great work is hugely important to us. Showing passion, hard work and care for our clients will always be recognised and acknowledged.

To be fullfilled

We strive to provide opportunities for our people to get down and dirty with really interesting projects that also serve our clients. More than that, we also want to be sure we fulfil ourselves on a more personal level, by providing time in the year to give back to others.


Where we do what we do.

Based in the heart of street art and international cuisines,our office is housed in a converted church just off Camden Street in Dublin. A stone’s throw away from Stephen’s Green, we’ve also got the very best in shopping and transport links right at our doorstep.

Meeting room Atomic
Francesca Baker


If you think you’re the right fit for Atomic and would like to join our team, check out our current vacancies.

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