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Accelerating sales in the automotive industry.

How we helped position DocuSign as the must-have tool for automotive businesses.
DocuSign is a document signing software that you can use to legally and securely collect approvals online in minutes. E-signatures speed up the agreement process and maximise productivity by replacing time-consuming manual signing procedures.
San Francisco, California, USA

Breaking into the industry

DocuSign believes that its eSignature tool has the potential to transform how automotive sales are done.

With successful projects for companies such as Ducatti under its belt, DocuSign wanted to communicate this potential to Volkswagen and the wider automotive industry. That’s where Atomic stepped in – they asked us to create a campaign that would position them as a must-have tool for automotive business digitalisation.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Go To Market campaign
  • Digital infrastructure analysis
  • Interactive workshops
  • Content suite: eBook, social media ads, videos
  • Sales enablement tools: Snackable content, email marketing
Looking under the hood

To get an in-depth understanding of DocuSign’s needs, we conducted interactive workshops with their account teams – gathering insights about their accounts and potential buyers.

We then overlaid those insights with industry and analysts’ reports, and conducted new research to unearth the key drivers in the automotive world. We also wanted to get a sense of what key decision-makers are saying, so we conducted a review of their social platforms.

Putting the parts together

Drawing on this insight, we developed a creative campaign based on the value proposition “Driving change in the automotive industry” intending to demonstrate how DocuSign can help manufacturers be more efficient and deliver a competitive advantage for their customers. For this, we created a suite of creative assets, including an eBook (our hero asset), social ads, and bespoke videos.

Getting the show on the road

Our series of social and digital ads ran across LinkedIn, Xing, and Demandbase, featuring core campaign messaging around sustainability and ease of use. These ads drove customers to a campaign landing page with key contacts, use cases, innovations, and links to the hero eBook asset.

We also put together sales enablement tools for DocuSign’s sales teams including assets they could share such as infographics. This snackable form content was broken down by business functions – Finance, HR, Legal, and Sales – so that they could highlight specific benefits for each role, providing a granular approach to positioning eSignature as a must-have.

Accelerating automotive sales

With the campaign launched and a whole range of new assets at their disposal, DocuSign is ready to put the pedal to the metal and go after this new vertical with a targeted, personalised approach.

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