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Creating an
employer brand with Grab.

How we developed an authentic Employer Brand for South East Asia’s leading superapp.
Grab provides users with transportation, food delivery and digital payment services via a mobile app.
Queenstown, Singapore.

Showcasing employee stories to attract top talent

We were super excited when Grab approached us to build out employee stories and showcase what it means to be a “Grabber.” Grab employs 10,000 people across 13 locations, each team with separate employer brands and comms. That’s a lot of moving parts. As a result of their rapid growth, Grab had no distinct employer branding and no way to create compelling talent journeys. The ask was to showcase the organisation’s unique cultural differentiators and amplify them, so it could position itself as a top place to work.

Campaign at a glance:

Campaign at a glance:

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand
  • Employee video content
  • Tagged database of content for recruitment and hiring managers
  • Careers website
  • Social campaign
  • Onboarding, ambassador and internal comms programmes
Diving deep into the employee mindset

Spanning 13 countries, Grab locations around Asia each had a very different culture. So our first step was to find the shared values and commonalities, while also uncovering what makes Grab so special. We started by focusing on Grab’s mission statement, values, vision, and culture.

To authentically capture the employee culture and understand the talent journey, we needed to chat one-to-one with employees from across the organisation, in different roles and regions. Here, we gained valuable insights on what it really means to each of them to be part of the Grab community.

Shaping an EVP theme through key insights

From our conversations, we uncovered a key insight: Grab doesn’t believe in the well-worn cliché of a healthy work-life balance – instead, Grab believes in life. Work life, home life – it’s all life.

Grab is dedicated to helping employees, partners and consumers to improve their own lives. So the concept for Grab’s EVP revolves around empathy and impact. Grab isn’t just about your career, it’s about positively influencing the community around you. It’s based on the belief that being successful is about progressing in every area of your life, not just work.

The employer brand line “Grab life with both hands” illustrates Grab’s message and mission to empower everyone to create a better life for themselves.

Bringing the story to life

It was essential to create an employer brand identity that is aligned with Grab’s consumer-facing brand, but brings out the essence of the EVP. We worked to ensure that both brands would live alongside each other harmoniously.

The employer brand is centred around photography-led visual storytelling of Grabbers living life, in and outside of the office, doing the things they care about the most. Additionally, we developed authentic employee stories, communicated through a human and energetic tone of voice.

A bright colour palette and bold graphics help bring the brand to life, across social and digital channels, internal communications, promotional swag, recruitment channels and more.

Focusing on the talent journey

From attracting talent to efficient onboarding, we mapped out the ideal journey and looked at how Grab could leverage new channels and activities to hire the very best people. Here, competitor analysis was key to informing our approach – our goal was to help Grab stand out from the crowd, and create a consistent hiring experience.

We’re creating a database of employee content, searchable by role, theme, location, and candidate journey. Talent acquisition, recruiters, internal comms, and hiring managers can now instantly access relevant information so they can stay aligned and collaborate easily.

The road ahead

The recruitment team is now empowered to optimise the talent journey, helping find people that are the best cultural fit for Grab. Attracting and retaining talent is much easier, with a compelling and genuine employer brand and EVP story that resonates across South East Asia.

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