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Helping Intercom create an
employer brand personalised to key roles.

How we created an authentic employer brand campaign by understanding the essence of the business and making it personal for key talent groups.
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Intercom builds online customer support technology, providing businesses with a way to build long-term relationships with their customers.
San Francisco, California

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Connecting culture and recruitment

In tandem with building a solid product, Intercom has built a strong employee culture and is recognised as a “top place to work,” with a high employee retention rate.

With a powerful product and culture, we couldn’t wait to work with them on the creation and rollout of their global Employer Branding Campaign.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand
  • Employee video content
  • Employer-branded blogs and podcasts
  • Candidate recruitment journey
  • Careers website
Understanding Intercom’s truth

People at Intercom (or “Intercomrades” as they are referred to internally) are highly skilled and highly desirable professionals, with a particular mindset and work ethic that’s led by the company values.

So, our first step was to get an understanding of these values while also uncovering what makes Intercom a special place to work. To do that, we held in-depth interviews with a selection of Intercomrades across all functions and levels.

From these sessions, one characteristic of the company stood out to us. Intercom had all the desirable attributes of a tech employer, but these were complemented with a secret sauce: their size. They had all the perks and processes of a big tech business, but all the fun, energy, and shared vision of a startup.

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Unpacking the recruitment process

Now we knew what people loved about Intercom, we needed to see what the hiring process was like from both sides – recruiters and candidates. We interviewed recruiters, hiring managers, and of course, recent candidates to get an accurate understanding of the experience.

We split the strategy into two phases, interviewing candidates across 9 departments. We also conducted research in the form of stakeholder workshops, gathered candidate insights and analysis, and created a candidate journey map.

From there,  we looked at how we could tell the right stories at each stage of this journey map so the right people stayed in the process until the end.

Helping Intercom’s people speak for themselves

Turning to the career site, we found some areas we could upgrade. Like many companies, the career site was essentially a list of open roles… and these days that just doesn’t inspire the best talent.

We set about telling the growth, success, and inclusion stories of Intercom’s employees through blogs, videos, and podcasts Then, we used motion graphics to bring the energy of their corporate brand to life in everything we created.

A seamless candidate journey

Once we had our content licked, we mapped the assets we created to the key moments of the candidate journey – from initial interest to deeper dive to readying their application. We overhauled their always-on careers site and created a suite of dynamic mini-career sites so each key function could tell its unique story.

Now everyone knows what working at Intercom means for them.

With a deeper understanding of the business, its culture and the people within it, we were able to help Intercom tell its authentic story.

Now, Intercom has an engaging, personalised employer brand and recruitment marketing model that matches the tone and energy of their corporate brand – and their company values.

Thanks to personalised talent journeys, the campaign delivers the right content to the right people, showcasing Intercom’s unique culture and the experiences of the people behind it.

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