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Helping Primark
get employees talking

Launching an Employee Assistance Programme
Primark is a leading international clothing retailer employing more than 72,000 colleagues in 15 countries – and growing.
Dublin, Ireland

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Primark wanted to get their employees to open up with the launch of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

The service offers Primark’s 70,000 people access to 24/7 helplines, counselling services and online resources to support their mental and physical wellbeing.

Our team was keen to get to the core of the issue. We worked with the Primark team to understand how people would engage with and use the service. We uncovered an important human insight. If people were going to feel comfortable opening up, they’d need to be sure that the conversations were completely confidential and separate from their work. A simple Primark-branded launch ran the risk of service feeling a little too close to home, compromising comfort levels and reducing the programme’s impact.

So we developed a distinctive look and feel for the service launch; one that feels familiar to Primark employees, but stands alone as something different. With this solution, a balance was successfully struck.

The EAP was launched with fanfare. The new visual identity donning everything from web content, promo videos, posters as well as content and promotional leaflets to get everyone up to speed on what was on offer.

Now Primark employees have access to a service they feel happy engaging with. They know that they can speak their truth when they need to. And Primark’s Benefits & Wellbeing team knows it’s doing all it can to support people’s mental and physical health. The result? A happier, more productive workforce.

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