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Helping Stripe get through to CFOs in Germany.

How we helped Stripe get through to financial decision-makers in Germany with a persona-led campaign.
Stripe is one of the world's leading fintech companies, providing an online payment and credit card processing platform for businesses.
Dublin, Ireland
Finance technology

Let the persona lead the way

Recognising the opportunity for growth in Germany, Stripe wanted to speak to financial decision makers (FDMs) of growing native businesses, promote their platform to these financial teams, and show them exactly how Stripe can address their pain points.

EMEA product marketing team asked us to help them build a persona-led campaign that would speak to the audience’s needs and unite their sales and marketing teams around a shared approach.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Persona-led marketing campaign
  • Digital assets – eBook, social media, website copy
  • Sales collateral – call deck, email marketing, sales toolkit
  • Landing page design and copy
  • In-person creative sessions
  • Audience research
  • Customer journey mapping
It starts with listening

Before putting a brief together, we sat down with Stripe’s sales and marketing teams and business leaders to get an understanding of their customer’s needs and the assets and supports needed to help them to succeed.

As big believers in the power of in-person collaboration, we led a lively, full-day session with various teams in their Munich offices – picking up a vast amount of actionable insights on what would work for this campaign and precisely who we should target.

Connecting the solution to the needs

We overlaid the insights from these discussions with data in our own Insights Bank on the Financial Leader audience. We also spoke to Stripe customers to build a high-definition picture of the customer and their jobs to be done.

Next, we reviewed the Stripe product portfolio and matched how its solutions, its people, and its ecosystem could help CFOs achieve their personal and professional goals.

Creating the big ideas

Working together with the Stripe team through creative workshops, inspiration sessions, and co-creation sessions, we mapped a selection of routes the audience might take on this journey – from passively scrolling through Stripe’s social channels to in-person sales sessions with their account teams.

Go to market as one

Once we created the end-to-end customer journey with Stripe’s input, we went on to create the assets needed at each touch point.

We created our hero asset, an eBook titled “Goodbye complexity, hello success”. This snappy thought-leadership guide leads CFOs through their back-office pain points and demonstrates where and how the Stripe platform can make things more efficient, productive, and profitable.

We also developed a sales enablement toolkit to help their teams leverage the campaign, sales decks to help them communicate the importance of the eBook to prospects, and a collection of sales emails with additional information and related content to drive opportunities.

With these assets, Stripe is primed to approach finance decision-makers with confidence – with authority, relevance and value at every stage.

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