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Infusing inclusion and diversity into Bank of Ireland’s employer brand.

How we helped position Bank of Ireland as the go-to financial services employer.
Bank of Ireland is the country’s leading financial institution, providing consumers, businesses, and global corporations with a broad range of banking products and financial services.
Dublin, Ireland
Banking and Finance

Culture-powered employer branding

With a strong company culture, Bank of Ireland wanted to attract, engage, and retain the top talent in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape.

They had already worked hard to create an environment focused on inclusion and diversity where employees could thrive and give back – but they need an employer branding campaign to help them to bring it to a wider audience. We stepped in to create that campaign, positioning the bank as an employer of choice to a wide range of financial services professionals.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Employer Brand Campaign
  • Digital infrastructure analysis
  • Employee video content
  • Photography
  • Blog content
  • Careers website
  • IRL poster promotions
A campaign driven by values

We needed to find out what set Bank of Ireland apart as an employer, so we interviewed employees across a range of departments and roles and analysed its digital infrastructure – this included their social media, digital ads, LinkedIn profile, glassdoor profile, careers site, and lead nurture campaigns.

The bank’s people-oriented values focus on employee growth, and commitment to inclusion and diversity were common themes throughout the research process. With those three pillars in mind, we created a communications plan that would bring these themes to life through emotive content.

Putting employees front and centre

To highlight Bank of Ireland’s focus on the future, we came up with the proposition “Join today. Create tomorrow.” To support that – and give a sense of what candidates’ todays and tomorrows could look like – we built a careers website that provides a taste of day-to-day life at the bank.

We used the employee interviews we conducted across the site in a range of formats – video, photography, and blogs – to articulate the hiring process, career offerings, rewards and benefits, and the company’s inclusion and diversity efforts.

And, we simplified the path from interest to application by introducing an easy-to-use search function, enabling job seekers to look for positions, on desktop or mobile, by title, department, location or category.

Connecting employees with a purpose

With such a strong emphasis on inclusion and diversity, we wanted to bring a range of experiences to the forefront, so we developed a campaign around the concept “Many Voices: One Bank.”

As part of the campaign, we shared stories from an array of Bank of Ireland employees across six content pillars: multicultural, intergenerational, gender balance, LGBT+, parents and carers, and accessibility.

These stories were brought to life through video, photography, and blogs hosted on a microsite, as well as supplementary physical posters.

A future driven by diversity

Bank of Ireland can now attract top talent through means beyond perks and benefits. With content, messaging, and visuals highlighting their commitment to inclusion and diversity prominent throughout the site, they hope to attract professionals from all walks of life and continue to broaden their environment of inclusion.

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