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Communicating a promise of purpose with Intel’s employer brand.

How we created a recruitment campaign that spoke to a higher need than just doing a job.
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Intel Corporation is a multinational corporation and technology company.
Santa Clara, California, United States.
Computer hardware.

People want more than just a job these days.

Bean bags, free food, pizza parties were once the trinkets that tech companies deployed to show their culture. But, these days, smart ambitious people want more. A lot more.

They want to do interesting work. They want to work with super-smart people. They want to create things that sync with their personal values, whether that be sustainability, equality or diversity. 

According to McKinsey, about 70% of people say they define their purpose through work.

Thankfully, Intel, one of the world’s most innovative tech companies, could provide all of these values and more.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Employee interviews  
  • Employer brand concept
  • End-to-end candidate journey
  • Employee led content across blogs, videos, social
  • Podcast series focusing on Intel Culture
Giving employees a voice. 

We spoke to new and long-term hires to find out what was important to them. What were their reasons for leaving their previous employers? We called these ‘levers for leaving’. After listening to what employees had to say, we reviewed Intel’s hiring process and ensured that company values were brought to the fore.

Focussing on the competition.

What were other organisations saying to talent? What were the candidates’ experiences like? How active were these organisations on social media? Detailed competitor analysis found many job descriptions for engineering and technician roles were repetitive (and a bit dull). The way Intel gets its teams to work together is unique.

Telling a brand new story.

A career in Intel means you’re doing genuinely groundbreaking stuff. You’re creating change. Innovating. Travelling to other intel facilities and sharing your know-how. And learning from colleagues. It made us think about the essence of our campaign concept. We wanted to challenge talent to really think about the impact they’re making in their current role.

The concept ‘What did you do today?’ wove neatly into this narrative.

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Intel Image
Capturing our audience’s imagination.

We mapped out the process from end to end and looked at how we could deliver the right message, at the right time. Forget links to boring job listings.

We created snappy, engaging content that encapsulated our message. And targeted the places our audience visited the most, with all roads leading to the Intel careers site.

Practical content explained the hiring process, how to get in touch and where Intel offices are located. Importantly, we nurtured content for those in the process to keep them warm.

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Getting our message to talent. 

Our creations included videos, photos, blogs and even podcasts hosted by the well-known athlete and presenter Anna Geary. We also updated the Intel careers site and put together an employer brand video.

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We zoomed out. And zoomed in.

To complement our brand-led content, we went tactical and created specific ads for specific roles. We focussed on the achievements of Intel and highlighted the opportunities available in Quantum Computing, eSports and Sustainability. In the second phase of our campaign, we turned our attention to manufacturing technician vacancies.

So, we let plumbers, mechanics, and electricians know there were also roles for them at Intel.

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