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Telling a
customer success
story with Intercom.

How we helped share the story of one of the UK’s most innovative companies in their own words.
Intercom is a software company and a complete communications platform with chatbots, apps, product tours & more.
San Francisco, USA.
Enterprise Software.

Buyers want to hear buyers, not just you.

Getting customers to endorse your products is the holy grail of B2B marketing. That’s just one of the reasons why Intercom stands out.

Their customers often rave about the impact that the Intercom platform has had on their businesses. In a changing B2B landscape, that level of customer loyalty is a must-have in your toolkit.

According to Forrester, there has been a marked shift in what influences a buyer’s decision-making when choosing a vendor. While buyers were once swayed by a vendor’s promise to meet their needs (and still can be), it appears the influence of customer references or testimonials is now the decisive factor.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Customer intelligence
  • ‘Pitch’ documents to demonstrate value to the customer
  • Storytelling and coaching with customers
  • Video capture, motion graphics and editing
Searching for stories to tell.

We worked closely with Intercom to identify great customer stories to tell. As we sieved through customer references and testimonials, we began to identify and narrow down potential stories. But one particular company blew us away. Hiyacar is one of the UK’s most innovative organisations and disruptors in the traditional hire car industry. But what made us sit up and take notice was how they provided free services to NHS staff and other key workers during the pandemic.

Listening carefully to customers.

We met the customer to find out more. They told us how they connect people who have cars with people who need cars. At that point, Hiyacar had provided over 882 days of bookings to NHS or emergency service staff and volunteers. For them, it’s all about connecting communities and changing mobility for the better.

Understanding the need to scale.

We wanted to help Hiycar get its message to the masses. We cross-referenced what they told us with what we heard from similar Intercom customers. It was about making sure we hit the right pain points before taking customer stories even further at scale. Video production would help us channel empathy and allow the audience to truly connect with customers.

Turning insights into action.

We gathered insights that allowed us to go deep into the customer mindset. Not only did these findings help us shape the questions we’d ask customers in the video, but they allowed us to create a narrative that would truly capture the essence of the story.

Bringing the story to life.

We shot on location at the Hiyacar offices in London. We spoke directly with customers on camera and used a green screen for a more engaging look and feel. We leveraged the distinctive Intercom brand style and took an agile approach to capture the customer’s story. The result was a slick blend of motion graphics and live-action to tell the story of an organisation succeeding through its partnership with Intercom.

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