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Packaging a work culture shift for

Helping Primark achieve a 92% opt-in rate to their new flexible working plan
Packaging a work culture shift for Primark
Primark (AKA Penney’s in Ireland) is one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world, selling fashion, beauty, and homewares in over 350 stores throughout Europe and the U.S.
Dublin, Ireland

Campaigning a cultural shift

Primark wanted to create a cultural shift towards a new way of working for its employees. They enlisted our help to drive that change and encourage workers to opt into their flexible new programme.

To do this, we created a catchy, benefits-driven communications package that was easy to understand. By creating a buzz about the change, Atomic was able to drive huge programme opt-in – meaning Primark employees can now work their day, their way.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Strategy and communications package
  • Video content
  • Social and digital campaigns
  • Training and toolkits
Primark's plans for change

Moving with the times, meeting employees’ diverse needs, and enabling team members to perform at their best have been high priorities for Primark in recent years. As part of that, the company wanted to introduce a flexible way of working for its 1,400+ employees in the offices and central supply chain in Ireland and the UK.

Primark asked Atomic to package this new opt-in offer and the cultural shift away from clocking in and out in a way that helps everyone see the benefits.

Packaging a cultural shift

All employees would need to be on the same page for the new ways of working to succeed – so we needed to create a programme identity that resonated with everyone.

To do that, we put together an innovative strategy – with a catchy name and a simple explanation of the changes – that anchored all communications activity.

Plus, we needed to get people excited about the programme and its benefits to encourage employees to opt-in to flexible working.

Getting everyone on the same page

As Primark employees had asked for more working flexibility and raised the idea of working in different ways, we named the programme “Your Day, Your Way.” This became the thread that tied the whole strategy together.

We also created tools, such as briefing templates for both managers and employees and handbooks with FAQs, to answer any questions managers and employees might have about the new programme.

Creating buzz around the benefits

Creating buzz requires more than a single announcement. So, as part of the rollout, we developed a 60-second sizzle video featuring an upbeat track and eye-catching imagery that would generate awareness and sell the idea.

Similarly, we created an email campaign that included links to all supporting “Your Day, Your Way” content as well as reminders to schedule 1:1 meetings before the opt-in deadline.

Belief in the hype

Establishing clear and exciting communication between Primark and its employees led to the successful uptake of the programme. The strategy worked its magic and of the 1,400 employees working in the head office and central supply chain in Ireland and the UK where “Your Day, Your Way” was offered, 92% chose to opt in.

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