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Unlocking the
skills to compete
for Pluralsight.

How a one-to-few ABM campaign paved the way for meaningful partnerships with tech leaders in Financial Services.
Pluralsight is an online education company that offers a variety of video training courses.
Utah, USA.

Turning the tide for talent.

Tech and digital skills have never been in more demand. As Financial Services undergo a generational transformation, large organisations are feeling the squeeze and scrambling to fill new roles.

One reason for this disadvantage is that new competitors, like fintech and startups, are winning over top tech talent by offering more innovative cultures, better tools, and less hierarchy.

As a technology skills development platform, Pluralsight offers the perfect solution to tech leaders – build these critical skills in-house.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Profiling strategic drivers & buyers in leading Financial Services companies
  • Persona research & message mapping
  • Integrated industry PR
  • Advertising and social media campaign
  • An industry eBook designed to deliver insight and solutions to tech leaders
Getting deep into the mindset of tech leaders.

Fortunately, we had a wealth of industry knowledge available to us. Through structured sessions, Pluralsight’s enterprise account executives helped us understand what motivates tech leaders at the very highest levels of banking. Their professional services team brought us through Pluralsight’s radically different approach to skills development – it was all about helping their employees grow.

Painting a complete customer picture.

Deep account research gave us a high-definition view of the customer. We learned that their top priorities were attracting, nurturing and retaining developer talent. We also commissioned the leading publisher in financial technology, Finextra, to interview banking’s leading change agents to help us understand and profile this persona.

Creating a powerful theme.

The Pluralsight brand is all about empowerment – leaders and talent alike – so the idea of ‘The Power Within’ made perfect sense. Working with one of Pluralsight’s lead strategists, we crafted a playbook that set up a completely new way for tech leaders to develop critical tech skills in banking. We included actionable frameworks, practical advice and real-life cases to initiate conversations with key buyers.

Empowering sellers to succeed.

Pluralsight’s account executives now had the tools to get the job done, including an eBook, social selling materials, and a supporting digital campaign targeting the selected one-to-few accounts.

We worked with Pluralsight to develop a talk track for their webinar with industry experts exploring how to implement a roadmap for developing tech skills that would make a real difference. We also drove event attendance by creating an email and social campaign that resonated with the target audience.

Driving audience conversations.

Through the social assets and Finextra article, the audience was directed to a landing page with gated content. At this point, they were identified as further along in the buyer journey. With marketing qualified contacts, the sales team could drive conversations and convert these to sales accepted opportunities.

Our targeted communications told the story of the audience benefits in a human way, enriching the viewers’ knowledge by building their understanding of the challenges and how Pluralsight could support them.

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