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Showcasing professional and personal passions in Body&Fit’s employer brand.

Helping Bodyfit to attract Fitness Professionals across Europe
Glanbia is a global nutrition company on a mission to help people lead healthy, active lives. Its e-commerce brand, Body&Fit, supplies sports, lifestyle and fitness performance products all over the world.
Heerenveen, The Netherlands
Nutrition and e-commerce

The right fit for your career

Glanbia plc is an Irish-based global nutrition company and the market leader in sports nutrition, food, and vitamin and mineral premixes.

Body&Fit, their leading e-commerce fitness brand, supplies a full range of products and services across Glanbia’s extensive brand portfolio, including Optimum Nutrition, SlimFast, Amazing Grass, Nutramino, and many others. We were excited to tackle this project, developing its Employer Value Proposition and Employer Brand campaign for the European region.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand
  • Employee interviews and video content
  • Competitor analysis
  • Careers website
  • Social and digital campaigns
  • Swag and office branding
  • Training and toolkits
Creating the plan

To attract employees from across Europe who are passionate about health and making a difference, Body&Fit asked us to deliver a new Employer Value Proposition, Employer Brand campaign, and a recruitment marketing content plan for their e-commerce brand.

We always start with the people

We interviewed the team members at Body&Fit  to see what made it a unique workplace. As we chatted with their diverse workforce, there was one recurring theme that turned up in each conversation. Body&Fit empowers people to combine their two passions: working in an innovative, fast-paced e-commerce company, and nutrition, exercise, and well-being.

Multi-dimensional research

But our research didn’t stop there. We also reviewed their competitors for talent in the e-commerce space, analysed their candidate journey, and reviewed their current values and job descriptions, so we knew what Body&Fit were up against when competing for talent.

The new employer brand

Armed with insights from many sources, our creative teams got to work on the new EVP and Employer Brand. We created a new platform with the theme ”The right fit for your career” and developed a new visual system that showcased the professional and personal passions of Body&Fit employees.

Bringing the employer brand to life

We filmed and photographed some of the Body&Fit team on location in Amsterdam and Heerenveen in the Netherlands doing what they do best – combining their professional and personal passions in one organisation. We then leveraged this new content for social and digital campaigns as well as swag, office branding, and Body&Fit’s careers site.

Helping their people showcase the brand

We know that your people are your company’s greatest ambassadors, so we created training and toolkits that Body&Fit employees could use to help promote the brand to friends and peers across Europe. Referrals are one of the most powerful/effective sources of talent and this reduced their reliance on recruitment agencies.