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Scaling a
culture at Tableau.

How we created industry campaigns that put customers first and aligned sales and marketing teams.
Tableau Software is an interactive data visualisation software company focused on business intelligence.
Seattle, Washington, USA.
Business Intelligence.

Speaking the customer's language is critical for vendors.

How does a vendor become more than a product or service provider? Essentially, it needs to be on the same page as the business it’s marketing to. When that happens, a vendor becomes a trusted partner. But many marketing and sales teams operate across multiple industries and struggle with that deep knowledge and expertise that buyers demand.

According to a study by Forrester, 87% of global technology decision-makers think it’s important that vendors understand their business or industry. And 84% think vendors should be a trusted source of knowledge about their market.

As the world’s leading visual analytics platform, Tableau helps organisations understand and use their data better. They asked us for help with an EMEA-wide go-to-market campaign spanning four areas – Manufacturing, Retail, Finserv and Telecoms. Our first step was to examine how much data Tableau had on their customers.

Campaign at a glance:
  • Industry insights across Manufacturing, Retail, Finserv and Telecoms
  • Content audit of existing content for relevance and recency
  • Campaign journey from passive to active
  • ‘Campaign-in-a box’ for field teams
  • First-call decks and battle cards for sales teams
Creating order from chaos.

A full audit of over 270 separate assets, from analyst reports to customer webinars, enabled us to understand where the gaps in that knowledge lay. Next step? Fill those gaps. With in-depth interviews and extensive desk research. All of which allowed us to develop a detailed go-to-market framework, which mapped key personas in the focus industries against value propositions, messaging and content.

Treating buyers as partners, not targets.

These structured insights allowed us to develop four completely customer-centric industry campaigns. Each one comprising an e-book, custom landing pages, a social and digital display campaign and a sales toolkit. The approach is becoming a template for Tableau to rapidly implement campaigns that truly understand the buyer, who they are, and what they need.

Putting storytelling at the heart of Sales.

We needed to spark the imagination of buyers and tell a consistent story at scale. So, we created a first-call deck for sales teams to use when speaking to prospects. Not only did these decks speak the customer’s language, but they sold the strategic benefits of Tableau.

Speed to market is everything.

We shared the campaign assets with marketing and sales teams in the field. We packaged our assets into a ‘campaign-in-a-box’ so they could be used right away. But before we went to market, we tested our messaging with customers to make sure we were on the right track. Their insights were invaluable. We re-ordered our content and language, so it directly met the needs of the audience.

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