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TTM Group

TTM Healthcare, a global healthcare recruitment firm, and Resilience Care, a specialist health and social care service provider, fall under the TTM Group umbrella, a company whose mission is to enhance the quality of people’s lives. Atomic DNA created a brand platform that would bring this passion and purpose to life.

The Challenge

As a business split into two units and employing over 2,375 permanent and temporary staff across the UK and Ireland, TTM wanted to create a unified culture so employees could feel aligned to the company’s mission, no matter where they were based.

The Approach

To fully understand the TTM brand and its culture, we interviewed employees and discovered that those based outside the head office sometimes felt disconnected from the rest of the company. We recognised the need to bring people together and evolve TTM’s mission to focus on principles and proof points that would engage and unite staff.

The Solution

We created an internal communications and branding strategy centred around the purpose-driven theme of potential, a message that applies to both TTM employees and the people they serve.

First, we broke down TTM’s brand promise into six guiding principles that are key to helping people reach their full potential. We also defined the company’s tone of voice to ensure that all aspects of TTM’s communications reinforce who they are as a company.

Central to the brand is its tagline, “The Potential Within.” We produced a simple but effective design to get that message across: a blank space represents people’s untapped potential while handwritten text reinforces the idea that TTM helps people realise what they’re capable of.

“Atomic DNA helped us realise our mission, vision and values and created an employer brand that all our employees could connect with, regardless of their location.”

Theresa Roseingrave
Head of Brand Experience

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