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Think bigger about
customer stories

Customer stories have incredible potential that often goes untapped. Beyond fostering advocacy, they 
can deliver the confidence-building social proof and help in ‘avoiding landmines’ that future buyers need.

You might just be sitting on on a goldmine.

Think campaigns, not case studies?

Case studies are one thing, but a customer story has so much more to give. Think about your customer stories more like campaigns: specific audiences, multiple content assets and support for Sales. Let’s break it down:

the needs of
future buyers
coherently with
Maximise the
value of time with
the customer
Create dynamic
Create a
powerful lever
for Sales

Thinking bigger means…

  • Your buyers get the social proof they need for confident decisions
  • Customers feel the love and advocate on your behalf
  • One customer story becomes a campaign for buyers like them
  • You get insights and stories through photo and video content
  • Customer advocacy teams contribute to business growth

Your customer stories should have a future buyer in mind. (Yes, really!)

It we’re going to use customer stories to help buyers, let’s start with them: understanding their buying process, needs, aspirations and barriers. If we know them, we’ll know what we’re looking for when we engage our customers.

The value of customer stories – maximised

We helped Southeast Asia’s superapp to use customer stories to add authenticity and peer-to-peer appeal to campaigns.

We showcased real use cases and made Tableau’s messaging and content specific to future buyers.

We put real customer voices at the heart of a campaign that showed the tangible value of the support on offer to small businesses.

The team of your dreams

Making the most of your customer stories takes specialist teams from across the agency: from research & insights, strategy and campaign planning through to writers, designers and videographers.

Whatever the team ends up looking like, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

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