5 Tips for your 2018 Graduate Recruitment Campaign

No matter what way you slice it, coming up with new ideas for the next graduate recuitment campaign is hard. What worked last year might not necessarily be a winner again, and other employers will be trying their best to pull everything out of their respective grad attracting bag of tricks.

There are, however, some simple tips that you can keep in mind when you are getting into planning mode. Here’s our top 5 tips to keep in mind for the 2018 Graduate Recruitment campaign:

1. Avoid Standard Testimonial Videos

To put it as simply as possible, your staff aren’t actors. Putting them on camera and asking them to talk about their experience, even with a simple and well thought out script will not equal good results. When you stick non-actors in front of camera, the simplest things become incredibly difficult and your final output ultimately suffers as a result. Work around those limitations. Use a professional VO to tell their story. Use quick cuts so you don’t have to rely on their performance too heavily. And find a good track to give your content an added boost.

2. Turn your staff into advocates

Create something your current staff will be proud of; especially those that feature in your content. The current graduate audience seek out peer recommendations more than anything and your staff members sharing their positive work experiences online or in person is an incredibly powerful tool in converting a graduate to apply.

3. Work through the entire candidate experience

Think beyond your content and your advertising. What other touch points are there along the way – career fairs, the application process, the actual interview experience – all of these moments shape a candidate’s view of what the next few years of their life will be like. Make sure the message is consistent, the process is simple and the experience is positive.

4. Spend your media budget wisely

This one goes without saying, but it is worth noting that you don’t have to spend €50,000 on media in order to attract a fantastic pool of candidates. A combination of well-made, relevant content, in-house advocates and smart media planning can turn a relatively small budget into a powerful campaign.

5. Create your content for your audience

Put your audience at the core of what you’re doing. This isn’t an exercise in telling your company’s full story as would be told by the Board of Directors in the Annual Report, this is about connecting with a pool of young, highly talented and clued-in candidates. Think about what they want to know, how they want consume it and what will excite them about their future career with you.

If you’d like more information on how to make the most of your grad campaign, and chat about how we can help, get in touch!