Company Culture Ideas – Kindfulness Week in Atomic

Sometimes the little acts of kindness people do in the office do not get the spotlight they deserve (I haven’t heard of any bonus schemes based on how many cups of tea you make your coworkers?). Often, it is, in fact, these small things that make the difference between good and great teams.

In an environment with crazy deadlines, competing projects, and a mixed bag of strong personalities, nurturing an underlying atmosphere of camaraderie is super important for us in Atomic.

So with the season that’s in it, we decided to do a little extra promoting of coworker congeniality.  The idea was super simple; as a group lets celebrate all the small ways people in the office are great, for one week. (We obviously had to come up with a quirky name for this activity to make it in any way plausible; hence KINDFULNESS WEEK was born!)

Rather than a ‘chosen from above’ type process, we asked everyone in the office to take responsibility for noticing, capturing and sharing any kindness from their colleagues over the week.

So, throughout the week people didn’t just become more conscious (even competitive!) of being kind themselves, they also made an effort to pause and appreciate how thoughtful and considerate many of their colleagues are on a day to day basis.

This simple request brought to light a volume and variety of acts of kindness happening in the office that I didn’t quite expect, and honestly gave everybody a renewed appreciation of what a great bunch of people we work with.

We collated all the contributions into a simple slide-show and ran it as the backdrop to our Christmas wrap-up session; it is safe to say we all felt warm and fuzzy before heading off to the Christmas party that evening.

Let’s hope they are all as bubbly in January!! 😉