Positioning Ireland as the Best Place to Build a Career in Tech

Tech/Life Ireland, a national initiative funded by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and delivered in partnership with Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, turned to Atomic DNA to help brand the country as a mecca for tech talent.

The global marketing campaign, which focuses on attracting skilled professionals to work and live in Ireland, includes a series of video interviews with people from around the world, sharing their stories and describing in their own words why they decided to move to the emerald isle. Rather than traditional talking-head videos, these interviews are personal, honest and raw to give viewers a real insight into these employees’ lives.

By concentrating on people with different backgrounds and experiences, working in a variety of roles at well-known companies, the campaign inspires overseas talent to consider Ireland as a top place to build a career in tech.

Spike, CG Supervisor, Brown Bag Films


Spike, originally from the U.S., began looking at opportunities overseas when animation work dried up at home. He emigrated in 2002 and has now worked in nine countries around the world including Ireland, where today he’s a CG Supervisor at the Oscar-nominated animation studio Brown Bag Films in Dublin.

Paulina, Product Specialist, and Maria, Software Engineer, Zalando


Starting over in a new country can be an exciting yet terrifying experience — particularly when you don’t know anyone. For best friends Paulina and Maria, who moved to Dublin from Poland and Greece respectively to work for online retailer Zalando, all it took was a Game of Thrones T-shirt to ignite a new friendship.

Ruan, Systems Specialist, Pramerica


From sandy beaches to ancient architecture, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is one of the most beautiful cities in the world — but rampant crime in certain areas makes it a problematic place to raise a family. That’s why Ruan didn’t think twice about moving his family to Donegal when he was offered a position as a Systems Specialist at Pramerica’s new state-of-the-art campus in Letterkenny.

Alessandro, Bioinformatician, Nuritas


Opportunities were thin on the ground in Sicily for computer scientist Alessandro, who wanted to use his background in data and analytics to change healthcare for the better. After pursuing a PhD in Dublin, he now works as a Bioinformatician at Irish biotech company Nuritas, which uses Artificial Intelligence to help cure and prevent specific diseases and conditions.

By getting to the root of their motivations for relocating, the campaign reinforces Ireland’s reputation as a global technology hub and ensures that a steady supply of skilled professionals continues to come here. 

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