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Employer Brand Health Check.

See how your Employer Brand stacks up in our free 30 minutes live strategy session.
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Gain insight and clarity

Atomic offers a free strategy session to HR and TA leaders in corporates and technology companies. Our senior strategist will use our ‘mPath’ process to understand the key aspects of your recruitment and retention tactics.

Do your people promote your company on your behalf?

Does your C-Suite put people as a key priority for growth?

Do you have a singular message and values that everything can repeat without prompting?

And a lot more.

After your session we’ll send you your Employer Brand checklist and suggested actions to get your Employer Brand on the right track.

Who you will meet on the day

Stephen Quinn,

Niall Dowling,
Chief Growth Officer

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Spend a rewarding 30 minute zoom meeting with one of our Lead Strategists and leave with inspiration, techniques and insights to help get your Employer Brand healthier.
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