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Speak your truth: an employer brand manifesto

Navigating the world of work is like a roller coaster ride—thrilling, unpredictable, and at times, a little disorienting. The needs and priorities of the business and its employees are constantly shifting. And change in one creates more change in the other. Chaos!

All this means achieving the harmonious workplace everyone craves feels nigh on impossible. We speak to lots of businesses whose Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is struggling to keep pace in the flux. They find that it’s not serving the employer nor the employee well. Something has to give.

You’re the intermediary

The business needs a compelling and engaging employer brand and as the custodian of this task, your role is pivotal. You’ll be mediating between the business and its employees. And that’s no mean feat.

The talent team might want a sparkly story to woo prospective hires, but you know it’s not just a case of making the business sound as good as possible. Employees can smell ‘marketing fluff’ from a mile away. Leadership won’t embrace something that feels half-baked. And new recruits won’t stick around if they’re sold a dream only to awaken to a different reality.

What’s needed is a true representation of the business, its mission and the reality of life within its walls. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Authenticity comes from balance

At Atomic, we believe that when it comes to creating employer brands, authenticity is key. Now, the word ‘authentic’ is bandied around a lot. Authentic sounds nice; aspirational even. Why wouldn’t you want your employer brand to be authentic? For us, it all boils down to balance. There are two parties involved in the value exchange after all. Being authentic means reflecting the interests of both business and employee in your EVP and employer brand.

Authenticity is important because we know a half-hearted attempt to capture the essence of the business, its goals and vision isn’t doing the business justice. And as for an enticing but over-cooked message that doesn’t reflect reality; well, that’s not going to create the behaviours and attitudes that drive the business forward.

Speak your truth

Balance is the goal. But above all, truth should be the North Star. An authentic Employer Brand should speak your truth. The business should be able to tell its story openly, and communicate the unfiltered reality of being part of that team, without inhibition. Only then are connections forged, trust built, and the most compelling and enduring employer brands born.

Speak your truth, and your brand will resonate with the hearts and minds of those who truly matter – your employees.

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