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How to choose the right Employer Brand agency

You’ve navigated the internal hurdles, secured the budget, and rallied your team for an employer brand refresh that everyone can get excited about. Now, the critical piece: finding the agency that will help make it all happen
—because, let’s face it, not all agencies are created equal.

The right agency can make the project a pure joy: a collaborative journey where everyone brings their expertise to the table. Picture senior leaders in the business becoming Employer Brand evangelists and your employees’ genuine experiences showcased for the world.

The wrong agency, on the flip side, can turn the process into a painful saga with weekly calls that feel like a root canal, deadlines playing hide-and-seek, and an end result that no one wants to put their name to.

From where we stand (as one of the agencies you may be considering) it all comes down to ‘fit’. Culture fit. Experience fit. Skills fit. Team fit. Collaboration fit. Ambition fit.

When you’re hunting for a partner, discerning the true ‘fit’ can be a tricky business. So, to aid your quest, here are questions and considerations we propose (and if they’re not already on your mind, trust us, we’ll bring them up!)

1. Culture Fit

What are the agency’s real values, (beyond the quirky slogans on their website). What do they really believe in? How do these values translate into their work ethic and their partnership approach with you? Do these values sync with how you and your company like to work?

2. Experience Fit

This one seems pretty obvious. Have they done this type of work for people like us before? Asking a traditional ad agency to do your employer brand probably won’t work. Your world is about revealing truths, not creating stories. There’s a big big difference.

An agency with a lot of similar clients and experience can build confidence. But sometimes, an injection of different, out-of-the-box thinking is what’s needed. Both have pros and cons, but which is right for you?

3. Skills fit

Will your agency have the researchers, strategists, writers, designers, video wizards and project managers needed to take your employer brand to the right place? Warning sign: if they’re outsourcing crucial services, they might not be equipped for the job.

4. Team fit

Brace yourself for a lot of togetherness. An employer brand project is a marathon, not a sprint. Weekly calls, QBRs, creative workshops—will your team click with theirs? And beware of the A-team you met on the chemistry call suddenly being replaced with a less dazzling B-team for delivery. It happens more than you’d believe.

5. Collaboration Fit

Do they genuinely care about your success, or are you just a stepping stone to bigger clients? You’re the expert on your business, but will they embrace your expertise or expect you to conform to their perspectives and methods? Will they dive into the trenches with you when the CEO wants to see a progress report first thing tomorrow morning?

You’d expect the answer would always be “yes,” but not all agency operating models revolve around close collaboration and shared success.

6. Ambition Fit

Will your agency push you to be the best you can be? Will they be open to being pushed by you too? Do they recognise that for you this might be the most challenging yet rewarding project you’ll work on. Do they appreciate the importance of your success?

If it’s just another project in their eyes, then they’re just another agency—keep searching until you find the perfect fit.

Here’s wishing you a triumphant hunt for that ideal agency partner (hint: it might just be us). Happy hunting!

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