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Atomic offers a free strategy session to HR and Employer Branding leaders. It’s an opportunity to review and discuss your employer branding and recruitment marketing strategy. Spend a rewarding 30-minutes with a lead strategist, and leave with the inspiration, techniques and insights you need to find new talent and engage employees more effectively. To make sure we can jump straight in to a productive session on the day, kindly provide: your name, email, top of mind topics, and availability.

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We partner with some of the worlds most ambitious companies. ‘Helping them build and amplify their employer brand to attract and retain great talent.

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Looking to improve your recruitment efforts and attract top talent? Our interactive quiz can help you identify areas for improvement and provide tailored recommendations to take your recruitment game to the next level. With our health check, you’ll gain valuable insights into your employer brand messaging, candidate journey, and more. Try it out now and see how you stack up against the competition!

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Niall Dowling,
Chief Growth Officer

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