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Working together to unlock your customers’ potential

For the last 8 years, Atomic has worked with Salesforce, Slack and Tableau to deliver a wide variety of strategic and creative projects.

We know how you work, what’s going on with your customers and their markets, and how to get things done. Our deep expertise and existing relationships mean we can connect teams together to share insights, learnings and campaigns, so you can maximise efficiency and get more from your marketing.

This page highlights some examples of our work with you to date, so you can see our proven results – and picture how we could partner together on your next project to drive strategic growth.

Work we've done to date

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Case Studies

Delivering an exceptional agency experience

Our actionable customer insights and market research underpin the success of all your marketing activities

We collaborate with your teams to shape strategic direction and campaign architecture that simply performs better

Our curated value propositions, messaging and copy enables you to speak the same language as your customers

We know your brand through and through so can deliver impactful creative ideas and attention grabbing campaign design

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Trevor Daly,
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Cheeseman,
Client Director - Slack & Tableau