ABM with Dataiku

Dataiku provides a data platform that enable businesses to develop enterprise AI. We helped them design an account-based marketing pilot to support their sales team in penetrating high-value accounts in the UK.

We worked closely with Dataiku to research the most strategic accounts with the best long-term revenue potential. We then used the insights to establish what content would be most appealing and relevant to each account  Finally we engaged prospects with a highly customised multi-channel campaign to show that Dataiku understood their business and priorities.

The final step was a follow-up strategy consisting of outbound tactics such as calls, emails and InMails to set up meetings with these accounts.

This pilot has convinced us of a hyper-personalised approach to ABM, especially where Success Development Representatives are doing the heavy lifting for sales and marketing on each strategic account. High relevance and care will always yield fantastic results!

Romain Doutriaux

Europe Marketing Director, Dataiku

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