founders’ language
with Salesforce

Having pioneered the SaaS model, Salesforce is now driving the digital transformation of the world’s most ambitious companies – of all sizes. The objective of this campaign was to encourage SMEs to reappraise CRM as a category and build a preference for Salesforce. In keeping with the core Salesforce mission, the approach we developed was completely customer centric.

Our customer research identified that SME founders remain the primary decision-makers for CRM, but often failed to see a fit between the technology and their own company’s needs. We developed empathy with an emotive campaign idea, Make every customer feel like your first customer. The campaign channeled the founders’ connection with the early days of their own business and their desire to remain close to customers as they scale. Alongside educational and reputation-building content, a gated self-assessment tool allowed prospects to appraise their own customer experience. And this helped move them further down the funnel towards conversion.

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