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Your employer brand needs you to put business before talent

Today, businesses and their people feel more disconnected than ever – luckily, you already hold the key to alignment. Your employer brand needs attention. It’s no longer about understanding your people first and your business needs second – it’s about creating a dynamic of balance between the two.

The business battlefield

Businesses are under pressure – the economy is fluctuating, supply chains are stagnant and AI is creating change quicker than businesses can respond. And unfortunately, the shift isn’t stopping there.

The workforce dynamic has gone through a major movement in recent years. People want more support with their mental health, more flexibility around their other commitments, a job with purpose and better development opportunities – and they’re setting off to find it.

The symptoms of this misalignment are everywhere – attrition on the rise, a struggle to hire top talent, and whispers of discontent echoing on platforms like Glassdoor. It’s an “us” versus “them” scenario. And guess what? Nobody wins.

But, businesses like yours already have the solution – your employer brand. Reimagining your employer brand is as exciting as it is daunting – and it’s time to take charge of it.

The power struggle

Traditionally, companies were focused on the needs, expectations and best interests of the business – and sought after people who were focused on that too. But today, it’s a very different landscape to the one we knew pre-COVID.

With “the great resignation” comes a new power dynamic where the employee is in the driver’s seat. Now, businesses need to adjust their approach to attract top talent.

In today’s competitive talent market, it feels right to portray the business in the most glowing terms to attract the best people. At Atomic, talent teams often tell us that they can’t compete with the “Googles or Apples of the world”. They feel they need to go above and beyond.

Avoiding the pitfalls

While that might prove an effective short-term approach, it’s a ticking time bomb disguised as a feel-good employer brand. This can lead to:

  • A fragmented culture where your people don’t point in the same direction
  • Applications from the wrong people which can stifle recruitment and drive up costs.
  • Higher turnover as people leave in search of the culture they were promised – or worse, they stay and have a toxic influence.
  • Unmotivated employees who don’t resonate with your employer brand or your mission.
  • Limitations in growth, innovation and competitive advantage as the wrong people get hired, or roles can’t be filled.

  • The business blind spot

    Here’s the wake-up call: the business itself has been playing second fiddle for too long. As the guardian of the organisation’s heartbeat, it’s time for you to flip the script. Start your employer branding journey not with talent, but with a deep dive into organisational objectives, culture, and growth plans.

    Yes, cater to employee needs, but start with the business to set the stage for a powerful, not just appealing employer brand. You have the potential to re-balance the scales. That’s how you ensure a mutually beneficial employer brand.

    No winners just balance

    In this tussle for priority, there is no intended winner. The goal is balance between the business’ needs and those of the people who breathe life into it. When you communicate the business’ values clearly, showcasing how individual success aligns with corporate success, talent joins, stays and contributes.

    Kick-start your Employer Branding Project with confidence.
    Taking the reins on your Employer Branding is no mean feat – but it’s a little less daunting when you have the right tools.
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